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Submitting forms for others?

If you are submitting forms for children as well as yourself, please read this advice.

Anytime you login, we show you which forms you have previously submitted under your username (one of the fields you fill in below).

It's a good idea to have a username for each person who will have forms, then you can see which forms have been submitted for each person.

To have a username for each person, you simply create more than one account.


If 'Eric', an adult, wanted to submit forms about himself, he could create an account with the username eric.

If Eric wants to submit forms for his son 'Adam', Eric could create a second account, this time with the username eric-adam, and so on.


  • You can use the same email address and password for each account you create.
  • Write down the usernames, password and email address you used somewhere safe for future reference.
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