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Guide to developing a timeline for animals

Please note

There is no online form to fill out for developing a timeline. What follows is simply a set of guidelines for what we are looking for from you. You will need to create this as a separate document and then e-mail it to the clinic as an attachment.

E-mail the clinic with your timeline document attached.

Please place all shocks in a chronological order (see example below) starting from conception/birth, or from the present and working your way back in time. The following types of events should be considered as possible shocks or traumas:

Pre-birth: any drugs, severe illnesses in mother (particularly of a viral nature); also consider any emotional shocks to mother during pregnancy or in mother/father at time of conception (see section on emotional traumas below); ultrasound or other invasive testing.
Birth: Mother had difficult labour; any allopathic interventions; use of anaesthetics or drugs on mother; late breathing or other possible oxygen deprivation
Vaccinations: Dates, if possible of first vaccination of each kind received (can ignore booster shots)
Accidents: injuries requiring stitches, falls, blows to head, concussions, broken bones, animal bites
Surgical interventions: e.g., neutering/gelding or spaying, tail-docking, dental interventions (including routine cleanings), abdominal (including Caesarean sections); other major surgeries
Drug Use: antibiotics, steroids (Cortisone/Prednisone), heartworm meds, routine wormings, etc.
Hormones: hormonal drugs, etc.
Severe Infections/Illnesses: e.g., Lyme disease, Parvo, feline leukemia, colic, etc.
Electrical Shocks.
Traumas involving loss, abandonment, grief, betrayal (e.g., death of someone close, loss of trust, loss of independence)
Traumas involving great fear/anxiety, stress
Traumas involving anger and indignation/humiliation/abuse (particularly where the emotion had to be suppressed/"swallowed")
Feelings of envy or jealousy
Traumas involving abuse, whether mental, emotional or physical

NB: Some emotional traumas can involve a combination of emotions; emotions experienced in the household are picked up by the animals that live in the house as well, so they are worthy of noting in the timeline as well.

Timeline Example


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